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First of all, thank you for deciding to contribute to the project. There are several ways to help the project develop.

Share your config

Many users, who are just starting to create their homepages, face confusion on how to set it all up. We have created a special section user examples, where we suggest you to add your config by creating an issue.

Add your translation

If you know a language that is not in Mafl, you can make a very valuable contribution by adding a new translation. Thus a large number of people can use Mafl. After all, not everyone knows English.

Add a new service

Use the instructions for adding a new service in the development section. If you know javascript adding a new service will take no more than 1 hour.

But if you don't know how to program, but you really want your idea to be realized - create an issue.

Bug fix

At the time of use, it is possible that flaws in the application will pop up. This is normal. There are no applications where everything is perfect. If you know the javascript programming language, you can try to fix the issue yourself. Or create an issue and I will try to help you!

Star on Github

And of course the easiest thing you can do is just give us a star on Github. It's a couple of seconds for you, but it would be my pleasure!